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Property Intelligence (trading since 1993)

Unlike other direct marketing companies, we specialise exclusively with the marketing of commercial property.  We work solely for commercial surveyors and property professionals.  We provide a bespoke service where the needs of each client is catered for.

We pride ourselves in conducting our own research producing quality data sets and mailing lists, the type you would produce if only you had the time. 

Regulatory Compliance

We are proud to be a member of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA.)DMA Logo 2020

As part of our membership our research, verification and business practices have been endorsed as GDPR and PECR compliant.

We don't just provide data, we offer a refresh service, managing all unsubscribes and opt-outs removing the risk of unsolicited contact giving our clients the reassurance of compliance when making contact with potential business prospects.  


We manage postal mailing campaigns aimed at local and head office based named property contacts, plus a range of top national sectors.

All records are updated to within an average age of 12 months. We offer other updating standards, for further details please contact us.

We collect brochures and enclosures, produce a draft list, print personalised letters in colour and can arrange to provide telephone follow-up if required.  A copy of the list is available in Microsoft Excel or Access (with or without email addresses.)

In addition, we offer a re-mailing service at a discounted rate.

Mailing Lists (With or Without email Addresses)

We rent mailing lists with facilities management contact details: including contact name; address; telephone number and email addresses to enable you to conduct your own mailing and e-Marketing exercises.  We offer a refresh service where all unsubscribes and opt-outs are managed by us and made available to you, removing the risk of unsolicited contact.

Agency Databases

We supply fully maintained in-house databases of local or national companies for your own corporate marketing. This information can be leased from us or, alternatively, it is FREE when we receive regular mailing instructions from you. Our easy-to-use software allows you to run queries, reports, mail-merges and has a facility to export to Microsoft Excel.


We conduct e-Marketing exercises for building promotion purposes either using an existing HTML or designing one for you.  We send the e-shots, manage unsubscribes and opt-outs. This service comes with a comprehensive reporting system (a report on the day of sending and a further report 3-5 days later) arming you with information to enable lead generation.

HTML Newsletters

Our HTML Newsletters focus on promoting a number of building instructions as part of a corporate initiative.  It is designed to enable quarterly promotional activites allowing for a 'pick and mix' of instructions to be included.  As with our agency databases, this service is FREE when we receive regular mailing instructions from you. 

Affordable & Flexible

We provide a comprehensive, fully compliant direct marketing service. We provide bespoke databases which are designed to meet your requirements and budget, we tailor to your needs using location, property type, business category and employee size. 

Value for Money

We never compromise quality for quantity. Our data is of the highest standard. Our prices are highly competitive.  To find out more contact us for a FREE No Obligation Quote.